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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

iPads, iPods, iPhones and the NAACP

Alright, first this is a blog that is strictly my opinion. I'm sitting here in a corporate coffee shop (Starbucks-where else since it's now free!) and thinking about how we are all connected with all of these new toys and still we can't get it right. We are still blinded by our own biases and "refudiations".(<==bow to Palin I love it!) Anyways, we are all still so quick to rush to judgment with iPhones in hand. It is just toooo funny!!! Here I am in the tech world, hoping all of this techno stuff makes things better. I'm so proud to be a part of IT and then here we go. Bottomline, the NAACP should have taken the high road and vetted the stuff that comes in from FOXNews, right-wing blogs, and anywhere else for that matter, before just jumpin' out their pants and zappin' this poor woman, Shirley Sherrod. What a missed opportunity to show how NOT to rush to judgment! Instead, the NAACP has been caught with their mouth open and nothing coming out, not even a "refudiation"!(OK, enough.. I'll stop now....(smile))!