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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Target, Snip, Tighten, and Grab them in 10 seconds

Many media experts make the mistake of producing video, text, and/or photo content for social media that just does not work. They create unfocused content, blast it to their social media followers, and then let them choose whether or not they want to engage. Not good enough. There is a better way:

There is always someone you know that knows everybody. Well that's just how it is in social networks. There is ALWAYS
someone who is the "go to" person. Whether its tickets, subjects, info, etc, you know you can depend on this person for the goods. Locate this person for your subject in your social media network and make sure they find your content engaging. Your endorsed message will spread like wild fire with people paying attention.

You got 10 seconds to get the message to them. Today I would even say it's getting to be more like 5 seconds as more people are afflicted with social ADD. Like that old Winston Churchill University graduation speech which consisted of just 3 words, "Never give up", you must be short and to the point.

Be specific. If your topic is fly fishing, try discussing the advantages of using one particular lure. I mean, whatever it is, cloak your broad message within a specific example.

Be interesting. Boring goes no where. And remember, some messages are not made for twittering just like 10 minute videos are not made for YouTube commercials. Also, watch the technology, flash video content does not work on some cell phones so make sure your audience can see it so they can be grabbed.

Until next time,

Ramona (Digital Media Maven-smile!)