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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Increase Site Traffic

There are so many ways to increase site traffic. This topic is very relevant today as everyone needs more people to come to their site. One of the quickest ways to increase traffic is to add a podcast to your site. People are visual, but adding the audio gives you that one-two punch that can triple your traffic overnight. The only thing left to add is touch and smell, buy hey, that's coming too (smile). Here are more suggestions:

1. Add relevant, clear, popular but most of all unique descriptions to your site. This allows natural search engines to find you quickly and rank you higher than your competition.
2. Consider paid searches like, etc. They can be expensive, yet effective in some industries.
3. Add your company URL to everything; hats, newpaper ads, logo and even something as small as your email signature.
4. Add a blog to your site with scheduled weekly updates.
5. Add an email list and newsletter to your site.
6. Link your site to an industry specific social site-- (social networks abound)
7. Include your site address along with your phone number in your phone answer message.

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