Inteligit, Inc. The BUZZ

Thursday, November 09, 2006


Well, it's wonderful to win awards, but its helping businesses that really gives us a thrill. Today, businesses need exclusive branding and marketing design to compete. It is and honor for the SBCC Chamber to recognize what we do for businesses and we are grateful and humbled by their recognition.

People often ask what makes us who we are and why should they work with us. The answer- Design Finesse! All people are visual and we all have an innate response to quality. INTELIGIT is one of the few companies that has harnessed the ability to use today's digital technology for promotion of companies. This task is not easy which is why we are often asked to come in and help companies with huge internal resources. They can't command the software or integrate it the way we do because they begin with the software, not the artistic vision. To us, the software is just the tool that we use to carve out masterpieces.

How you visually communicate with your customers is one of the most important factors of business success. You should start with a vision and hire a dream team to execute. Preferably, a team that masters the technology to create the art like....... INTELIGIT. Contact me if you have any questions about your vision and how you would like to have customers "see" you.

Ramona 916 747 7309