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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Technology Helps Katrina Victims

While we all look upon the human tragedy of Hurricane Katrina with sorrow, it is important to remember that today we can do something to help make the situation better real time with technology.

First, we at INTELIGIT, Inc. have added a direct link to Red Cross Donations for Katrina Victims on the very front of our corporate web site. This site gets over 30,000 hits per month and can only help get the word out. If you own a popular site, consider doing the same.

Also, several message boards/blogs have been created. A new message board that is helping with communication in and out of the area is Please let people know about it.

This kind of helpful technology was not available a few years ago. Let's all put it to good use. Thanks and God Bless all of the hurricane victims.