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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Apple Introduces New Tech Tool-The " iPad" (Ramona's Review)

Well it's here. Apple has the new iPad. Yes, that's right, I said "iPad". The name is kinda corny, but I believe it's step in the right direction.
Everyone is looking to simplify. Consumers do not want to be bogged down with too many tools to get through life. Life itself is complicated as it is. In walks a device that we can use to read books, call somebody, write books, web surf, listen to music, and (with some add-ons) take pictures. But, while I tend to like the concept, the actual device has to go through some revisions for me to get me more hyped.

Here's my take on the down side with some suggestions: 1. Add the ability to work with more than 1 app at a time. Some people can chew gum and type at the same time. 2. Add the camera people. Why do we have to buy an add on? 3. Can we support "Flash" please? This is ridiculous and I want to see everything on every website. 4. Add the ability to run on multiple networks. Right now, the iPad is only available on AT&T...sick of this. I thought we lived in a free country and everybody knows Verizon's network is better.

These 4 things aside. The up side is great: 1. Big, big, big, love it, love it, love it. 2. The QWERTY keyboard is more like it. (I didn't take that typing class in 6th grade for nothing!) 3. The embedded bookstore is a cool benefit, just come down on the eBook prices. 4. At a pound and a half and just a half-inch wide, this iPad is the right size for everybody. 5. Apps, apps, apps, love it, love it, love it. (Especially the NY Times newspaper app. Feels like a real newspaper.)

This thing comes with most of what I want and less of what I don't want. Availability and pricing is as follows and is much cheaper than I thought it would be: Just $499 for the entry-level 16GB model, far less than the $999 price tag that many had predicted (and/or feared). You'll also be able to get a 32GB version for $599, while the 64GB flavor will cost you $699. And yes, as predicted, 3G models will be available as well, with prepaid, no-contract plans forAT&T (and again only AT&T-what a drag!); expect to pay $29 a month for unlimited data, or $14 for 250MB a month. iPads with embedded 3G will cost $150 above and beyond the price of the non-3G versions (so $649 for the 16GB version, $749 for the 32GB model, and so on). When will the iPad ship? In 60 days, Jobs promised, with an extra 30-day wait for the 3G models.

Bottomline, I'll purchase the iPad this summer when it's offered with Verizon's network and more apps are developed (smile). Let me know what you think with your comments below.

BTW- God Bless Steve Jobs and he looks great!